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ZEVFY is Siliguri’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) based delivery and rental service which allows individuals  and corporates to hire our electric scooters to get their deliveries done. ZEVFY have a policy to do clean business and pledge not to use polluting vehicles. Reservations are made through our website.

Get your groceries, fruits and vegetables delivered to your door step within minimal delivery time

Get your essentials delivered at your door step

Don’t feel like cooking? Order your favorite dish from your fav restaurant

We offer fast, reliable and green pickup and drop services with a wide range of delivery options

Zero CO2

E-bikes are eco friendly alternative to traditional scooters as they do not emit harmful greenhouse gases.

Low Cost

As our vehicles does not need fossil fuels we can offer pocket friendly services.


As our vehicles are lighter and cost effective we can offer more efficient service.

On Demand

We provide on demand service, be it vehicle rental or delivery. We are at your service.

Secure & Reliable

We keep your deliverables safe and secure so that you receive what you expect.

Customized Service

We offer customized service option for local businesses and enterprises. 

How it works?

Easy 3 Steps to Book

Any Where to Anywhere

Compare prices, rental terms and company locations. Don’t waste your time on another search – all the world’s rental companies

Book it online

Our contracts with our partners mean we can offer you special prices. Our prices are always equal to or lower than you will find on arrival.

Get your Parcel delivered

We will fetch your parcel from any where within Siliguri and deliver it to your doorstep. We are here, by your side during this crisis.


Most frequent questions and their answers

ZEVFY is Siliguri’s first membership-based, self-drive Electric Vehicle (EV) rental service which
allows individuals to hire low speed electric scooters by the hour or by the day (9am to 9pm) for city commute. Guided tours are also offered to nearby tourist attractions.

ZEVFY have a policy to do clean business and pledge not to use polluting vehicles.
Reservations are made through our website or our mobile app.

Becoming a member is easy! Anyone over the age of 18 with an Android Smartphone and a Paytm / PhonePe / GPay account can rent our low-speed electric scooter can become our member. Go to our mobile app (Android) to make an account with your contact information and upload a photo of your original documents, emergency contact information. Now, you’re ready to make a booking.

Make a member profile including your date of birth and a photo or scan of your original documents.
Then enter your payment details and you are ready to go.
Please bring any two of the following documents, your original Voter Card / Aadhar Card / Pan Card / Driving Licence / Passport / Electric Bill / Hotel Reservation Receipt (only non Siliguri residents).
You will have to produce a government verified original ID proof to our executive. We will keep it safe till you return with our EV.

ZEVFY presently offers only low speed electric scooters in our fleet.
Soon we’ll be adding high speed electric two wheelers and electric four wheelers.

Yes, 25 km/hr for low speed electric vehicles. As per government regulation, EVs below 25 km/hr don’t require any registration and Driving Licence.

For fresh bookings we accept payments only in digital mode.
While non-booking payments can be made through Cash and digital mode both.

Presently we started operation from 1 location at Siliguri: CHURCH ROAD (By Lane).
Soon we’ll notify about our new locations.

At the most two riders can ride an EV at a time.

To avoid the KM confusion, we request you to capture the odometer reading images at starting point to track your free KMs and for any future reference.

Our EVs generally can commute for 60 KM for free from starting point. Beyond that you can ride but for that you need to purchase extra battery pack from us.

As ZEVFY’s vehicles are presently of low speed, so you are free to ride anywhere in Siliguri. It is not advisable to  ommute outside Siliguri Commisionarate’s Jurisdiction on our EVs as there is a range of 60km. However we offer guided tour to nearby tourist attraction places where we carry extra battery pack to keep range anxiety away. Drop us an email for more clarifications.

You must pay for parking outside of the ZEVFY’s home location.

Yes. you must pay for any fines incurred during your booking.

Yes, we love pets, please share a petfie (selfie along with your beloved pet and our EV).

We understand that riding can get tiring on city traffic and you want to share driving responsibilities with a friend. Simply add co-drivers while submitting documents. This will ensure that in case of any damage while your friend is driving, liability is limited (under our usual conditions). If your friend is not a ZEVFY user already, we will ask them to upload their Documents and then review it. If your friend is already a ZEVFY user then their Documents has most likely already been approved. Please do remember, you are still responsible for the vehicle during your reservation. Additionally if a non-ZEVFY verified person drives the vehicle, ZEVFY’s insurance coverage would be invalidated and you will face unlimited liability.

Additional Fee is incurred such as booking cancelled from your end after 30 mins from booking time, late fee, fee for losing helmet/ keys/ other accessories, and/ or any other fees for traffic violations, vehicle damage while it is booked by you.

a) After completion of booking timings, for the first 15 minutes we provide our customers a buffer time for hourly subscriptions.
b) Beyond 15th minutes of delay would be charged at Rs. 2/min for the entire period.
For example, A person named Bob booked and paid for an EV from us, for 2 hours.
Scenario 1- Bob returns the EV by 1 hr 59 mins. Nothing extra charged, as he returned before time.
Scenario 2- Bob returns the EV by 2 hr 14 mins. Nothing extra charged, as he was allowed buffer time.
Scenario 3- Bob returns the EV by 2 hr 16 mins. In this case, EV was used for 16 mins extra, so he
needs to pay 16 * 2/min = Rs.32 while returning the EV.
However, for whole day users we allow 30 mins buffer time from 8pm. Beyond that whole day’s rent will be charged additional to booking.
For example, A lady named, Piu booked and paid for an EV from us, for the whole day, i.e 8am to 8 pm.
Scenario 1- Piu returns the EV by 6pm. Nothing extra charged, as she returned before time.
Scenario 2- Piu returns the EV by 8:29pm. Nothing extra charged, as she was allowed buffer time.
Scenario 3- Piu returns the EV by 8:31pm. In this case, we’ll assume that Piu wants to keep the EV over night and we will let her to do so but the next day while returning the EV, she’ll be charged whole days rent for night usage.

Yes, you may now book a ZEVFY with a driver. For availability & tariffs, contact us on our website

Try restarting your phone once, if problem still persist please mail us at  [email protected] along with your documents.

I am not receiving the OTP, thus not able to Login/Signup.

Please ensure that the number registered is an active number (if not the please edit the number on OTP screen). If it’s an active number please try to login after sometime as there may be some issue in receiving the OTP. If still facing an issue please write to us on mailto: [email protected]

Terms & condition

Zevfy site available at www.zevfy.com [hereinafter referred to as ‘the Site’] and zevfy Application [hereinafter referred to as ‘the App’] is/ are operated/ provided by ZEVFY. The Terms of Use contained herein [hereinafter referred to as ‘Terms of Use’], apply to your visit to and use of the Site and the App, as well as to all information, recommendations and / or services provided to you on or through the Site, and the App and govern your access and use of the Services available through the App accessible via a mobile device. This document is an electronic record in terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules thereunder as applicable and the provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. By clicking on the ‘Confirm’ button, you are consenting to be bound by these Terms of Use.


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